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Relative Immortality
While considering my own mortality, I realized that there may still be a way to live forever. Although our bodies, or movement, will eventually die, our words, art, and ideas, or perhaps what I can call our logos, can live beyond us. Plato died in 347 B.C., but his ideas and writings still carry his name and bring him life over 23 centuries later. Thus I feel that we live two lives: the life of our physical movement, and the life of our logos. Based on the ferocity of the symbiosis between these two parts of our greater whole, our logos may live longer than our physical movement, granting us a longer life. Plato may never die so long as humans survive.

In modern times, however, it seems less likely that our personal logos will maintain life past our physical deaths, due to myriad factors. There are billions of people alive today in the global consciousness, making it very hard to stick out. Fame is now rarely rewarded for truly magnificent thought and action, but instead is allotted via more accidental and superficial means. Immortality of personal logos is something reserved for and dealt out by those already famous, or those with money. Material wealth seems to determine whose words get to survive and whose do not; things may have operated this way for centuries, perhaps even in Plato's time to some extent. What a silly concept money is! Though I can talk about that another time.

There is a difference between immortality and eternal fame; while Jesus, Plato, Aristotle, and those of their ilk will forever be held in the highest of esteem for their teachings by the masses, there are those who died and were not famous but are still held within the hearts of their descendents. A colloquial saying that someone's great great great grandmother used to say can past through generations forever and their memory will be immortal, but only along the bloodline.. so who knows? Logos may be immortal for alot of people that we never heard of. I think that Ethos is what seperates the logos of those who are known to the masses and those that aren't.
» Dilated on 2007-07-28 03:18:26

I had considered low-key surivival of memes,
which, sure, is a bit of the same concept on a smaller scale. But like you said, a memory or habit from a great grandmother will only be passed on as long as the bloodline survives. There's no guarantee that your family line will go on forever; people aren't obligated to have children. Therefore, low-key logos does not ensure very much concerning immortality. I feel that it'd be more beneficial to instill your ideas upon a broad populous, to be publicly recorded.

Know that I declare the idea of this entry with some personal suspicion, since it does come off as a feeble attempt to deny death.
» Bartholomew on 2007-07-28 03:42:06

Do you want to live forever?
» Dilated on 2007-07-28 04:10:35

I would like to live as long as the human race, or to whatever it transcends. The point of life to me is to live.
» Bartholomew on 2007-07-28 04:56:34

Overpopulation = bad. :(

You really get nothing from all those stories about immortality/extremely long lives that end with the people becoming all sad and lonely? Or something bad?
» randomjunk on 2007-07-29 02:54:32

I would rather be sad and lonely than dead.
» Bartholomew on 2007-07-29 03:49:24

I would love to live forever. I am so interested in people and what happens around me that I don't think I'd ever get bored.

Would give me a lot of time to travel...
» alexsedotcx on 2007-07-30 01:11:08

That's exactly what I would like to do, travel. Work for a decade to save up money, travel the globe for a decade, repeat. Eventually I'd begin traveling space and, of course, time.
» Bartholomew on 2007-07-30 07:15:07

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